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Ever wanted to know the ultimate biscuit flavour? What video games would a band like to be part of for a day? Or do you just want to find out how a band came to be?

No matter what you'd like to know, we're pretty sure we've got it covered from the usual to the unusual. We ask all the questions.


The latest releases from artists we love, reviewed and analysed! Have a quick read and you're sure to find some new tunes to check out.


Our top tunes from each month, with a track for each day you're guaranteed to have a great playlist to enjoy at any time.
Just follow the links to open in Spotify.



A quick introduction from our founder.

Hi I'm Amalia.

I created Chime to share my passion for live music and to have a platform to boost small bands that would otherwise go unrecognised, as well as connecting them to fans around the world.

Music is so much more than a hobby or an interest, I believe it is a lifestyle that requires commitment and hard work whether you play an instrument, produce a track or review the final piece. It all takes time, patience and talent.

I have grown up around the local music scene in Stoke and in my free time I enjoy going to gigs and photographing bands in the area, as well as sometimes travelling further afield. I've been lucky enough to work with bands like The Magic Gang, Single By Sunday and many other great artists in cities such as Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke and Glasgow, which has helped me to establish a strong list of musical connections.

I hope that you like what you find here on our blog and I'm sure you'll find many new artists to fall in love with. Make sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest news and extra behind the scenes content (anything from gigs to artists takeovers).

You can follow my personal Instagram to see my photography and the occasional gig spam on my story by clicking the button below.

AG x

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